sissy's logoThe creation of Sissy’s Grillin’ Dust began out of a necessity for order — there were just too many spice jars, shakers, grinders or other containers of various spices on the kitchen counter.

One day I began experimenting with all the various spices that I love to use in cooking…garlic, salt, peppers, fresh dried herbs and so on until I had blended what I thought of as the perfect flavoring for everyday cooking. Now, you can flavor up almost any dish simply by shaking on some Sissy’s. Your family will LOVE IT and your friends will come back for more!

Using Sissy’s Grillin’ Dust accents any dish you prepare. Use a little or a lot. Sprinkle lightly or season heavily. Want a robust accent to chili’s, soups or stews? Add a few ounces to fajitas for a perfect taste.

Sissy’s Grillin’ Dust is just chocked full of flavor and is guaranteed MSG Free!

Buy a bottle or two today and let me know what you think!